Sponsor Mayday

The next Mayday Underground is November 4th and 5th, 2017 at the Village Gate.  The show will have 70+ vendors and attendance is expected to surpass 3000 attendees. Help us spread the word about quality, handmade goods and support local artists by being a Mayday Underground Sponsor.

Click the links below for a PDF

sponsor mayday

Sponsorship Levels  (Outlines levels available, free and paid options)

Sponsor Proposal  (Explains our mission and marketing plan)

Sponsor Deadlines   (Lists deadlines for sponsorship materials)

Sponsor Agreement  (Contact form and signed agreement)


If you’re interested in sponsoring Mayday, fill out the sponsor agreement sheet and e-mail it to us at MaydayCraft@gmail.com or mail to our sponsorship coordinator:

Erin Gursslin
1747 St Paul Street #2
Rochester,NY 14621

If you have any questions about what is involved, just drop us a line!



  1. I would be happy to have my daily shopping blog, Chic & Green, become a sponsor. C & G is an official Today Show and MSNBC Going Green Network blog and regularly promotes local artisans. I’ll be happy to put up an ad now through the event and write about it, too.

  2. […] in helping sponsor this 12th semi-annual, very popular & successful indie show. There are sponsorship opportunities galore, some free, some […]

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