May 2010 Vendors

I’m pleased to announce that the following artists and crafters will be selling their handmade items at Mayday! Underground!:

4 walls studio

In my own little corner of this vast world, I sit and knit. Then I wash it and it shrinks into something else. Every bag is unique because wool shrinks to it own desire. This give me more freedom to make one of a kind items. My embellishments on the bags comes from things that move me. I have enjoyed making every bag, and sometimes it is hard to sell them.

 SuZe FashionSuZeFashion features unique handmade clothing, gifts and accessories inspired by unusual fabrics and trims, period costumes, home decor (especially Victorian and Edwardian style toss pillows) and nature’s layering of colors and texture.  
Hey Buddy!Hey Buddy! hand screen-prints bags, cards, magnets, and tees for big and little people. 
Beachcomber DesignsBeachcomber Designs features handmade jewelry influenced by nature. You’ll find one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, sterling and fine silver Beach glass, as well as bead-weaving techniques.
Beadwork by Amanda Amanda Preske is a jewelry artist who combines traditional techniques and funky materials to create a range of jewelry items.
Beauty In The Eye Textiles and JewelryBeauty In The Eye Textiles and Jewelry celebrates the each person’s own perception of what is beautiful. My handwoven and knitted pieces reflect my fascination of how colors interact, and my jewelry showcases everything that is shiny and sparkly.
BuenahelenaBuenahelena is my creative outlet while I teach Art in public schools. I love to find sweet vintage items that might have some damage or a lost mate and make them into something usable again.
CasePhile Sarah Facci, the designer behind CasePhile, creates unique protective cases, skins, cozies and more for your electronic gadgets out of fleece, felt, or cotton fabric. iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle and Nook cases are in stock, with many more styles in production. What makes CasePhile cases unique? All ports, jacks, screens and switches are easily accessible while your gadget is still in the case! Custom orders are welcomed.
Concepcioun Handmade GiftsConcepcioun specializes in combining the traditional methods of bookbinding with a modern and sophisticated twist. Handmade reusable felt notepads with inserts are offered for organized people on the go, while custom handmade books are offered for the bride who would like a modern and simple look, customized for her wedding palette.
Cracked MoonCracked Moon (aka Nicole Resseguie-Snyder) sells a variety of hyper-colorful mixed media art ranging from altered dolls to collaged paintings to oil pastel drawings.  
creative.hodge.podgeI work a lot with mixed media and enjoy collaging, collecting, drawing, and painting. I try to use common materials such as cardboard, highlighters, pen, whiteout, tape, maps, diagrams, buttons, paper scraps, interesting pages from used books, and books themselves. I think beauty can be found in everyday things, and I like to recycle and transform them into functional and decorative objects.
dock 2 letterpressDock 2 Letterpress, purveyors of fine letterpress printing. We design and print all sorts of amazing things from beautiful wedding invitation packages to posters for rock and roll shows. We even print coasters for your drinks to sit on. We’ve even printed on maple leafs… If you have an off the wall project, or just have a sweet letterpress business card you want printed Dock 2 Letterpress can do it.  
Duncan CreativeDuncan Creative is a collaboration of Karen and Randy Duncan. we strive to make one of a kind sculptures, paintings, as well as creative toys for children and adults as well!
EXCESSARY STOREThe excessary store : where you will find modern jewelry and stationary , resuscitating beautiful vintage and remnant materials and painstakingly hand-produced handbags in the essence of Eastern craft traditions.
Farnum FotosFarnum Fotos photography captures quirky vegetables, hearts, Rochester’s skyline, close-ups of flowers and other fun images. They are available as notecards, matted pictures and even some unique, 3-D layered versions that literally pop out at you.
Crumbs and Co.crumbs & co. is jazz robinson, and wool is the fabric of her life. she lives in rochester, ny with her toddler, luna. working as a baker during the day, she comes home to her cozy 2 bedroom where she applies her innate sense of color and distinct style to hand spinning on her antique dutch upright spinning wheel. each one-off skein is an homage to simple, yet chic, vintage modern design. 
In My Head StudiosIn My Head Studios creates fun, upcycled jewelry and accessories from game pieces such as dominoes and Scrabble tiles. Artist Vickie Porter has a deep love for all things paper and much of her work is handmade using various kinds of paper. She also makes mixed media collage pieces. Vickie is known for always having paint or glue on her hands.
Jackbear StampsJackbear has been hand carving rubber stamps for over five years. His stamps are unique and many are one of a kind. He also takes custom orders. A must see!
Just Ice JewelryPurchase your own little piece of history- Jewelry featues unique antique Chinese pottery shards.
Kassondra AmadaKassondra Amada is a local artist from Syracuse. She draws eerie and unique images of pretty girls with animal friends. Her pieces are affordable and made using re-purposed scrapbook paper and second hand frames.
Latherati Soap FoundryLatherati Soap Foundry is a small indie company based in Rome, NY. We make handmade, cold process soap and bath/body goodies, all inspired by books!
Mars: Inter-stellar love craftI believe my work to be based on awareness of the moment and the opportunities it presents. It is constantly evolving, shifting, progressing, abandoned, revisited, constructed and deconstructed. My mission is to honor these moments and share that expression in the same elegant, refined manner that nature allows for them to happen.  
Misanthrope Specialty Co.The Misanthrope Specialty Co. is a fully collaborative art collective. All illustrations, music, film, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are the product of the combined efforts of every member in the Company.
My Kitty EmpireMy Kitty Empire is brought to you by Melissa and Annie Fujimoto, two sisters who share a love for everything cute – especially kitties.  
Peaches ProductsHere you’ll encounter a melange of delightful felted goods, patchwork stuffed animals, and occasional screen printing.
pen & inklingsPen & Inklings is operated by a fidgety girl who finds cross-hatching to be utterly zen-like.
pidgepidgeI run pidge pidge out of a cozy third floor apartment in upstate NY with my grumpy cat, Pigeon. My sewing machine and I are sandwiched between an old floor loom and a giant stack of fabric in a tiny red room. All pet portraits are hand sewn using recycled or vintage fabrics when I can. All of my woven scarves are handmade, unique, one of a kind designs
Pie NowPie Now is a husband and wife dynamic duo who paint octopuses, bunnies, and monsters and sew wee little beasties with a DIY punk aesthetic.
RevelRevel is a collection of pieces that are individually handmade by Kristin Gallo. They are meant to infuse original artwork into everyday life.
Robert Abplanalp The artwork of Robert Frank Abplanalp is dark yet whimsical. It has both a painterly and illustrative feel. This artwork is very eye catching and engaging.
 Shannon BentonI started loom knitting a few spare months ago. Since then, I have gifted many hats and scarves to friends and family. Once they were out, orders started rolling in! Most of the work I have sold so far has been custom, however I do very much enjoy creating pieces on my own.  
somethingfromnothinWelcome to my shop! My items reflect my lifestyle. Everything I do comes from an abstract idea, no patterns. My materials are all found objects, either from tag sales, my mothers studio, craft shops, or my own home.
Sweetie Pie PressThe Sweetie Pie Press makes art, zines, 1″ buttons and other small art objects from an active apartment in toronto. The sweetie pie philosophy is that art can be small, playful, and financially accessible.
Tammy’s Handcrafted Jewelry & FashionsI have been a professional seamstress for about 22 years. A few years ago I got in to beaded jewelry, but now I’m going back to my true love, sewing and designing. I make my tops then make jewelry to match. People love the idea of one stop shopping, Cute tops and jewelry . For the guys I embroider classic cars on shirts.  
The Art of Lisa BI create art I would enjoy seeing on my own walls. Many images are inspired by nature, classic advertising, vintage design, and my own love of quirk. Each piece is created on wood panels which lends a weighty, three dimensional quality to them. They are objects with substance to cherish.
The Fuzzy Bunny (Fiber and Soap)The Fuzzy Bunny is focused on producing the most environmentally friendly soap and yarn possible. We use only vegan ingredients in our bath and body products, recycleable packaging, and lots of local fiber. In addition to soap and yarn, we also offer hand-dyed spinning fiber, knit items, and monthly clubs, all produced in Canandaigua, NY.
The Quilted HouseThe Quilted House is full of unique quilted items. You’ll find gifts, accessories, and housewares with little twists in color and pattern combination, design, or all of the above. You’ll also find items you never thought you’d see made out of fabric like card, picture frames, and tic tac toe boards.
Whimsical WondersWhimsical Wonders is a crafty husband and wife duo hailing from the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA. Melissa is the creator of the wind chimes,  while Lew is the master crafter that makes all of the lovely silver”wear” jewelry. Current items being made by this crafty duo are silver”wear” bracelets, spoon rings, fork wrapped pendants, earrings, kitchen themed wind chimes, kitchen boards and various other creations.


  1. can’t wait…..

  2. Indie ETSY, crafty arty poeople unite! I went to one of these in Chicago a couple of months ago. I love LOCAL!! I will so be there!

  3. Indie ETSY, crafty arty poeople unite! I went to one of these in Chicago a couple of months ago. I love LOCAL!! I will so be there!

  4. This gives an excellent glimpse of what sellers & customers can expect at MayDay Underground. I thought I would just note a number of the links do not work. It would be great if prices were listed too!

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