The application deadline for the show has passed. Please note that any applications received will NOT receive a notification letter. Instead, they will automatically be placed on the waiting list. Refer to Vendor Info Page for details on how this works.

PLEASE read the Vendor Information for all the details about the show (fee, space, load-in, what we’re looking for, etc) so you can decide if it is a good fit for you and your work. The link to the application is on the vendor information page.

Application Timetable


August 15              Notifications Sent

August 31              Booth Fee Due

October 1               Last day to cancel and still receive refund

Mid-October         Meet up at Starry Nites Cafe (drop off swag, pick up fliers, ask questions, hang out)

November 4+5      Showtime!



  1. Sign me up!! I’m in! This is a great idea! Let me know what else I need to do.

  2. I would love to be a part of this! Could bring crochet play food and my husband woulsd also be interested in having a table…his site is
    This is a fantastic idea! Let me know what else we should do!

  3. also on facebook-

    I need a table and a good amount of wall-space for approx 50-60 hung pieces between the sizes of 4×6 inches to 24x 36 inches please.

  4. I’d love to participate – what is each vendors space going to be (size, shape etc…)

    • The booths will be 8 x 8 with 12-14 foot ceilings. There’s more info in the FAQ page.

  5. I would love to do this I’ll check out the application page. At this point in the year I only have a handful of pieces but I’ll apply….sounds great! Thx:)

  6. this sounds fantastic! thanks for the consideration!

  7. Signed up for MayDay for May 7th. Can’t wait!
    I stopped by your show on St. Paul last year and was excited to see how your group has grown. Looking forward to it.
    Now I need to get busy so I can provide a full shop!!

  8. Yay! this is so exciting!

  9. Do you have a spring fair set for May? I’m interested in joining you with stained glass and refurbished windows creating jewelry displays, picture frames, chalk boards or combinations of any elements.

  10. Sign me up, please! Mayday was great and I’ll have dozens more monsters ready by April!

  11. I’ve admired your approach and would love to participate!

    • Feel free to apply- there’s no application fee!

    • I am confused…have I applied? Is there another application? Help?

  12. How do you link photos. I have photos on my web site. But I do not know how to link them. Help???

  13. what is next after application is submitted?

  14. Still wondering if we can submit an application using our Facebook link -working on an etsy page but already have a tonne of pics on Facebook that you could view in the meantime

    • FB links will only work if it is for a page. If it’s your personal profile, we won’t be able to see them unless you have your security setting set so that non-friends can view photos.

      • Thank you- set up a Flickr page and sent off our application last week.
        Hoping to be able to share our Collection of Hand Knit Dog Sweaters with the dog owners of Rochester.
        Fingers crossed! 🙂

        Couch Potato Collection

  15. I am having trouble completing the application form. The area where I am to leave a short statement about my business and products. No matter what I write or how I write it, it comes back as an error. Help!

    • Try leaving just a letter in the box and using the comments box to write your description

  16. I sent in my app this morning…I do not have a website or etsy acct so I put my FB page for pictures in the 5 spots..I have just posted 5 items on eBay and have their url to give you to see the pictures. How do I send them to you?

    • The facebook link is sufficient enough. If you ever need to contact us, please email us (address on about page).

      • Thank you!

  17. I am interested in being a vendor, as a not-for-profit. I donate all proceeds from the throw size quilts that I make and sell to Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY. I have lost 10 family members to cancer and my husband is currently a cancer patient at Roswell,

    • Hello- It is past the due date for accepting vendors for the show.

  18. Is this for hand crafted items only?

  19. Hello to you,

    Do I still need to send photo’s …when I have done your event before. Also, Is it too late to get 1 table, or should I go ahead and apply. Thanks – John

    • It is way past the deadline for applications. You can still apply, but you’ll be on a waiting list. Everyone needs to send photos. You cannot submit an application without. We hope that your work has evolved and updated since the last show, so we always require photos.

  20. Where is the application form?

  21. I am so excited to have an opportunity to apply to this fun and funky show!!

  22. I have filled out the vendor form three times and each time I go to submit, it clears the entire form and doesn’t say whether it is submitted or not…

    • We have not received an application from you but the application is working as we have received numerous other entries today. Please clear your cache and cookies, or try a different browser. If that fails, try using a computer with a different IP address to apply.

  23. Hi, I am very interested! My work can be found at JEMaginations on etsy, instagram, facebook and .com 🙂 I would like a 6×6 with wall space electric if possible. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your interest! You have to apply in order to be considered.

  24. Where is the application? I have clicked on everything…

  25. I know the deadline has passed but I am interested in this event. I make women’s and men’s leather jewelry. Please advise as to whether or not you can accomodate me. Thanks

    • You can still apply but you will be placed on the waiting list only

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