Founded in 2010, the Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art events aim to bring a unique semiannual shopping experience to Rochester, New York. Inspired by the handmade movement sweeping the nation, Mayday brings local artists and craftspeople together to benefit the community. A thoughtfully curated selection of handmade items ranging from housewares to jewelry, all made by independent businesses rather than big-box stores, is what sets us apart from other shows and shopping experiences. Shoppers find modern takes on classic crafts including sassy cross stitch, punk art, soaps shaped like candy, and fresh upcycled wearables. This is just a small list of the original art and craft to be discovered at Mayday.

Next Event: Mayday! Underground returns to the Village Gate just in time for holiday gift giving. The show will be held Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday, November 4th, 2018 from 10am-4pm both days, at the Village Gate Atrium (274 Goodman St N). We’ll have 80+ vendors, free stuff, great food, and lots of fun! Like us on facebook and join our mailing list for previews of our fantastic artisans. Plus, if you’re one of the first 50 shoppers each morning, you’ll receive a free swag bag filled with handmade awesomeness from our vendors! Admission is free as always, and ample free parking is available on site.

Be part of the fun before the show begins by adding yourself to our event page.  Get to know all of the artists that you’ll find at our market as we post artist spotlights.


Show founders Casey Wright and Amanda Preske have been on the live craft scene for well over ten years. We’ve had enough of the boring shows and want to present you with a really fun show with items you’d actually want to purchase! For more information on the organizers, find them on Etsy at Peaches Products and Circuit Breaker Labs. Erin Gursslin of Sunshyne Silverwear, Jessica Goodenbury of Puccoon Raccoon, Amy Brand of Sweet Pea Felts, and Hayna Weems of On Hand Lotions have joined us along the way to help us expand our empire show!

Photo by Emily Patten

Looking for Vendor information? Click here.


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