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Fresh for Mayday TODAY!

Since Mayday! Underground is one of the first shows of the season, with it comes a lot of neat, new stuff our artists have been developing over the long winter. Here’s just a peek. Stop by TODAY from 10am to 4pm at the Village Gate to catch these awesome artists as well as many more. Remember to arrive early (before 10am) if you want a free swag bag!

The Violet Line, Modern Pendant Necklaces, $32

Pure Joy Co, Whole Line Debuting at Mayday

Lucends, new designs for spring line

Sage Studios, Jellyfish Glasses, $95

KiraArts, Spring Edition Colorful Barn Owls, $15

LimeMade, Denim Cuperate Necklace

Art Snack, Fuzzy Topped Chocolate Donut

Posted by: maydayunderground | May 1, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Sunshyne Silverwear

Today’s vendor spotlight is Erin Gursslin, proprietor of Sunshyne Silverwear.  Erin, creates eclectic jewelry made from recycled elements. She has been working hard through this long, cold winter to bring you some fresh picks for Spring.  Here are just a few of the latest products that you will find at Mayday! Underground on May 3rd.


Hand painted leather necklaces.
These come in a wide range of colors and geometric patterns.
Fun fact: they are all made from recycled leather from a local
saddle maker.


Multi-functional leather cuffs: come with 2 snap-on accessories.  $45


Watercolor necklaces:
Mini watercolor originals set inside recycled watch cases. $45


What a great way to usher in spring with one of her
real flower spoon pendants.  Buy one or a whole bouquet! Best
part is, they always stay as beautiful as the day they bloomed.


Keep up to date on the latest happenings in Erin’s studio and life by liking her on Facebook, following her blog, following her on Instagram, and visiting her online boutique.




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Mother’s Day Picks

Celebrate your mom! Mayday, which is this Saturday (yay!) is one week before Mother’s day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a swanky handmade gift. Here are some highlighted items perfect for gifting.


From top left to bottom right:

Prismatic Gardens, Floral Terrariums

Lilsville, Adjustable Ring, $12

Circuit Breaker Labs, Heart Circuit Board Necklace, $48

Stardust Paperworks, Spring Magnets

Vegetabowls, Cantaloupe Bowl, $24

Sage Studios, Recycled wine bottle hummingbird feeder, $35

Pure Joy Co, Rosemary Mint Massage Candle



Posted by: maydayunderground | April 24, 2014

Arbor Day Goodies

Recycled paper, reclaimed wood, and lovely tree-themed items abound at Mayday. Take a look!

arbor collageFrom top left to bottom right:

Sunshyne silverwear, Leaf Skeleton Necklace, $25.

The Knotty Owl, Raven Skull Necklace Made from Locally Reclaimed Wood, $86.

Laurel O’Brien, Tree Silhouette Necklace, $48.

Pure Joy Co, Oakmoss and Amber soy candle.

Sunshine on Water, Leaf Necklace, $45.

Heather Bivens, Maple Leaf Necklaces.

Sage Studios, Mushroom Lamp made with handblown glass mushrooms, LED lights and a section of a downed tree, $95.



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Happy Earth Day from Mayday

One of the really awesome things about Mayday, and indie craft in general, is the propensity of artisans to use vintage or recycled materials in their work. Celebrate Earth day the handmade way!


From top left to bottom right:

ArtSnack, Vintage Pie Tin Clock, $45.

KiraArts, Upcycled Sweater Monsters, $30-40.

Sunshine on Water, Initial Necklace, $38.

Stardust Paperworks, Recycled Mini Books.

Circuit Breaker Labs, Antiqued Circuit Board Necklace, $35

Knotty Owl, Natural Ombre Chevron Wooden Necklace.

Prismatic Gardens, Teardrop Air-Plant Terrariums.

Heather Bivens, Underwater Rock Earrings,

Sage Studios, Graduated Cylinder Ornament, $30.

Pure Joy Co, Natural Bath and Body Products.


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Happy Spring!

And Happy Easter, if that’s your thing. In celebration of all things cheerful and the end of hibernation in Rochester, I present Mayday finds representative of the beauty of spring: flora and fauna.

Work featured from top to bottom right: KiraArts, Bunny Nubbin $10 at Mayday; Heather Bivens, Barn Owl Glass Necklace, $135; Stardust Paperworks, Garden Journals; Sunshine on Water, Elephant Nursery Art, $25; Tanya Zani, Mini Easter Bunny; Vegetabowls, Watermelon Serving Bowl, $60; Cat Clay, Dragonfly Cache Pot, $40.

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Rev up that crafty engine!

It’s tiiiime! The venue and date are finalized; the 9th semiannual Mayday! Underground is bringing it’s awesomeness to the Village Gate on Saturday, May 3. The application is open now through March 15. Take a look at the Apply page for a timetable, a link to vendor info, and a link to the application. Since I hate posting without pretty pictures, take a look at some neat things from past artists at Mayday.


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Mayday! Day Two

Stop by today for more awesome art + craft plus a performance by the Flower City Follies at 3pm.

We’ll be handing out another 25 free swag bags to the first 25 shoppers at 10am.


Gods and Gladiators

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Mayday Underground Starts Today!

Mayday is kicking off this morning at 10am! Arrive early for a free swag bag or come later and stick around to win door prizes. Busy today? Mayday is two days this year, so stop by tomorrow! Here’s a taste of the goodies you’ll find at Mayday.

collage2 collage3 collage1

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Mayday Swag

It’s like Mayday Christmas, going through all of the swag and dividing it into 50 bags! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s at stake tomorrow morning. Arrive early, since only 25 bags will be given out! Fear not though, since the other 25 will be given out Sunday morning. If mornings aren’t your cup of tea, stroll in at your own pace and stick around for one of the live drawings! Bring an ad or show this on your fancy phone to get a free raffle ticket.

DSC_0284 DSC_0285 DSC_0286

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